Me In 10 Seconds

Born and raised in India. Studied at Princeton. Now working in US.

ENTP. I like writing, traveling, programming, philosophy, and economics.

What I'm Doing Now

(This is a Now page. I last updated it on June 25th, 2024)

🌎 Between October 2023 - May 2024, I lived in Argentina for 6 months and Peru for a month. I first spent 3 months in Buenos Aires to try a different lifestyle. Loved it. Went to Lima, and then came back to Buenos Aires. I spent most of my time working, learning Spanish, meeting locals and travellers at Mundolingo, taking tango lessons, and travelling around Argentina.

📚 I've built a lot of side projects in the last few years, but barely focused on growing them. So now I'm reading books on sales for technical folks.

🇧🇷 While in Argentina I met a few Brasilians and loved their culture. I started learning Brasilian Portuguese in April, and am now visiting Brasil next.

🛠 Building an AI Sales Rep for businesses that use WhatsApp.